The End is now available on DVD!

The End

Cinequest Distribution Inc. is proud to announce its DVD release of the festival hit feature thriller The End!

If Woody Allen, David Lynch and M. Night Shyamalan ever had a forbidden love child, it may look something like The End —a wolf in sheep’s clothing that looks and feels like a modern noir, but unleashes surprises which burns in flames any conventional relationship an audience has with fictional cinema. The End won the Best Horror/ Sci-Fi Feature award at Eugene International Film Festival and it was called “unquestionably the most original Canadian film of the year” by Fantasia Film Festival (Simon Laperrière).

Schoolteacher Joseph Rickman has a history of strange visions, which Clara, the police detective he longs for, believes can help snare a diabolic serial kidnapper and murderer. His most explosive vision reveals a surprising twist that will keep the audience guessing in “a true post-modern nightmare from the fringe” (Fantasia Film Festival).

“Thomas has created a notably insightful and thought provoking piece of work that is intricate and employs numerous twists and surprises serving up continuous adventure using equal parts horror, drama, thriller and mystery. This clever and refreshing film will have you utterly compelled right up to its artfully unexpected conclusion.”

-Edmonton Sun

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